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Road to Your Goals and Dreams

Your mortgage advisor and our experienced support staff will walk you down the road to your goals and dreams to a smooth and timely settlement.

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Our Mission

Financing Dreams…One home at a time!

Our History

Headquartered in historic downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Foote Capital Mortgage Company was founded by veteran bankers Shaun R. Foote and Rebecca Howell Foote in 2006. The company was formed to offer a more personalized mortgage experience than was being offered in the marketplace. Today, Foote Capital continues to fulfill its mission of “financing dreams…one home at a time” by offering comprehensive mortgage planning and personalized mortgage solutions to its clients.

Our Process

At Foote Capital, we serve our clients by considering a mortgage as a part of our clients’ entire financial picture. Our team of professional mortgage advisors provides our clients the expert advice they need when planning for their family’s future. This is done by implementing the following process…

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Our mortgage process begins with a friendly conversation about your situation, needs, goals and dreams. This is the most important, yet typically most overlooked by our competitors, part of the mortgage process.

Determine Your Options

Based upon our conversation, your mortgage advisor will determine and present to you the various financing options, along with the pros and cons of each, that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. As a mortgage banker and broker, our company has access to many options not typically available at your local bank or local credit union.

Choose Your Best Option

There are often several options available to help you achieve your goals and dreams; however, typically one option stands above the rest as the best option. Your mortgage advisor will assist you in choosing the best option for you and your family.

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